Thank you so much sir for helping me with the SFM…only because of you I got 69 marks in SFM…

Before joining your classes, SFM was like a hurdle for me in becoming CA. But only because of your guidance I cleared SFM and qualified with such great marks…your methods of teaching are awesome and the way you treat students helps them a lot in understanding the subject better…

Your classes was the best time of CA journey…

Thank you so much sir for teaching me and being there for me only because of you this prefix CA have been added to my name.

CA Alish Baid

Fabulous Mentor!!!

My journey in SFM class with Nikhil Jobanputra Sir was not just for academics, it was a class worth attending for the concepts which were made crystal clear without students having a pinch of doubt. It just not only helped me clear my exams, but also helped me gain a lot of knowledge in the field of Finance. Last day revision through his book Revamp and its Checklist is the best way to revise the whole course in one day.

We also had a demo class on “Live Trading” in Stocks and Futures which as per me was amazingly taken by him and was outstanding…!

Thanks a lot Nikhil Jobanputra sir for this contribution of yours in my CA career!

CA Natasha Kothari

Hi, I am Yogesh Sharma. I have cleared CMA Final exams in December 2020 and was able to score AIR 49. I also gave exams in December 2019 but due to stress and fear I was not able to clear the exams. I found Nikhil Sir’s videos on YouTube 7-8 days prior to December 2019 exams and I prepared SFM from those videos and was able to score 40 but due to lack of confidence and stress I could not clear. Right after the December 2019 exams ended, I bought Nikhil Sir’s classes from SFM Guru’s website and prepared for SFM with these classes and did continuous revisions from Revamp and short videos on YouTube which helped a lot in exams. I got AIR and scored 82 marks in SFM only because of Nikhil Sir. Thanks a lot once again Nikhil Sir.

CMA Yogesh Sharma

Finally, after all those efforts I am a CA now and I could clear CA exams with flying colours. In all other subjects I scored as usual but SFM was a one sided game and all this was possible because of my SFM Guru, my most favourite professor CA Nikhil Jobanputra. Because of Sir’s method of teaching the subject, I was able to score 93 marks in SFM. He guided me to adapt conceptual learning of the subject and then go for solving sums. I used to solve PM questions but was not able to score exemption but Sir said you can score beyond that. The trick to score great was provided by Nikhil Sir. When he teaches a concept, it gets printed in your mind and then you just start enjoying the subject. Thanks a lot Nikhil Sir.

CA Harish Wadhwani

I owe my exemption in SFM to Nikhil Sir. He always motivates people to achieve their goals. I had never thought that SFM could be studied in such an interesting manner. Learning with Nikhil Sir, was real fun. In my opinion, he is one of the best professors for SFM today.

CA Gaurav Chettiar

Nikhil Jobanputra Sir, Thanks a lot sir for your support and guidance. Finally became a Chartered Accountant and scored 89 in SFM. Sir, my interest in SFM made me pursue equity research. Currently working at a buy side firm Finvest Advisors.

CA Nikhil Kothari

Nikhil Sir’s advice to consider Practice Manual, Study Material, RTP and Past Papers as Bible while preparing for CA Final, helped me to secure 93 in SFM.

Thank you so much sir!!

CA Akshay Banka

Thank you very much Sir…!

I cleared CA Final Group 1 in first attempt and all credit goes to you. I cleared it only because of SFM, I scored 68 in SFM.

Sir, you made us understand the concepts in the easiest way with the logic behind every step, concept and formulas and because of all that learning was never difficult. Portfolio, Forex, Derivatives are considered as the most difficult chapters in SFM but you made us understand that these chapters are pure logic oriented and once you know it these chapters are cake walk and it was exactly the way you said it.

Your SFM Revamp was extremely helpful. It was like the last resort help. Revamp made me revise the whole SFM in less than 3 hours on the day of exam. Revamp gave me the confidence that I will definitely score an exemption. Thank you sir, you are always a great help and a perfect guide.

CA Raunak Shah

Enrolling for the crash course for SFM and Ind AS at Incito Academy was the best decision I took in my CA journey. The coaching sessions conducted by Nikhil Sir are exceptionally well curated.
The notes and the study material provided extensive coverage of each topic and the personal attention Sir paid to each and every student in class was commendable.

The regular tests conducted helped me assess my preparation, identify my weak areas and modify my preparation accordingly.

From failing in the subject to scoring 60 plus, Nikhil Jobanputra Sir and Incito have been the sole contributors in the success story.

CA Monal Sampat

First of all, thank you Nikhil Sir for everything. I have been knowing you since four years and truly speaking, it was a great experience to be your student, where we don’t just study for the name sake but we study by actually understanding the concept which makes learning easy and fun. The only reason for joining Incito was you, but it was worth joining as all the faculties are so friendly, superb, helpful and awesome.

CA Saurabh Singh

Thank you so much Nikhil Jobanputra Sir for enlightening us so well. Yours has been the best session so far. You are not just a teacher, but also a Motivating Guru, who gave us knowledge and encouraged us to improve ourselves constantly. You are the Best!

Defining Your Class in one word: “SFM MADE EASY!”

CA Kriti Goel

If there is one person in my life who imbues passion in everything he does, it is Nikhil Sir. A trainer-par-excellence, Nikhil Sir is an ocean of knowledge, having a command over a multitude of subjects in the CA course. His unique pedagogy of conceptual clarity followed by giving time for the student to appreciate the question and solve the same embeds the concept deep in our psyche. He is like a bridge who allows his students to cross over him and he joyfully collapses witnessing the empowerment of his students.

He also spent time with me, understanding my shortcomings and helped me plan my studies which helped me a lot to clear my CA in the first attempt. Nikhil Sir and everything that he embodies – is also one of the reasons why I have embraced my passion teaching as my profession. I implore everyone to experience, at least once –

“The phenomenon of CA Nikhil Jobanputra”

CA Punarvas Jaykumar