22 Jun

Options Valuation | CA Final SFM

Option valuation refers to the amount of premium to be determined. In other words, what should be the fair amount of an option premium? Determining such fair value or fair ...ReadMore
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21 Jun

Intrinsic Value & Time Value of Options

 Value of an Option Generally the option premium is considered as the value of an option because it is the price at which an option can be bought or ...ReadMore
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20 Jun

Options (Basics) | CA Final SFM

Options are such derivative financial instruments that do not bind the option holder into a firm commitment. Options in fact provide the right to the option holder to exercise or ...ReadMore
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19 Jun

Speculation through Forwards & Futures | CA Final SFM

Bullish Sentiment Expectation that price will Rise in upcoming time. Bearish Sentiment Expectation that price will Fall in upcoming time. Consider the following example: Mr. A expects that the price of shares ...ReadMore
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