04 Feb

Tips by CA Harish Wadhwani (Scored 93 marks in SFM)

Congratulations…!! CA Harish Wadhwani for scoring 93 marks in SFM (CA Final)
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10 Feb

Securitization CA Final SFM (Strategic Financial Management)

Securitization CA Final SFM Securitisation a chapter in Strategic Financial Management (SFM). This is an important chapter from the CA Exam point of view as well. The concept has been ...ReadMore
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02 Apr

Things you should do before your CA Final Exams

Things you should do before your CA Final Exams Clearing CA Final Exam is clearly not a simple cake walk. You need to be extremely committed to attending your CA ...ReadMore
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28 Mar

CA Final SFM, quick preparation tips

CA final SFM has a few topics which carry a fine weight-age in each trial which are Foreign Exchange Risk Management, Capital Budgeting, Derivatives, and Portfolio Management. But in its ...ReadMore
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14 Jan

Two Way Quotes | Forex | CA Final SFM

 A Two way Quote indicates a set of two different rates of exchange known as Bid Rate and Ask Rate. In a Two Way Quotes, the rate at which ...ReadMore
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12 Jan

What is an Exchange Rate | Direct Quote & Indirect Quote

 Exchange Rate A rate at which one currency can be exchanged with the other. It is a rate at which one currency expressed in terms of the other. It ...ReadMore
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10 Jan

Corporate Valuation Basics | CA Final SFM

 Need for Corporate Valuation Along with the enterprise growth, number of stakeholders also grows. Presentation of annual financial statements becomes. Curiosity of the stakeholders to understand the ‘true worth’ ...ReadMore
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05 Jan

Interest Rate Futures | Derivatives | CA Final SFM

 When Forward Interest Rate Agreements are regulated through the “Exchange”, it will become Interest Rate Futures. However, the mechanism of IRF is different from FRA. The system is designed ...ReadMore
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03 Jan

Nostro, Vostro & Loro Accounts | CA Final SFM

Nostro: Nostro (translated from Italian) means “our”. It’s a way of saying, “Our money that is on deposit at your bank”. Nostro is an accounting term used to describe an ...ReadMore
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03 Jan

Transaction And Operating Exposures | CA Final SFM

 A firm dealing with foreign exchange may be exposed to foreign currency exposures. The exposure is the result of possession of assets and liabilities and transactions denominated in foreign ...ReadMore
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